Designat on Letter Agency * A¥ncy Effective Date Other MEMORANDUM FOR SUBJECT: Designation ot Contracting Officer's Representative Reterence: a FAR 1602-2 DE-ARS Part 201.602-2, c I. Pursuant to autMrity of FAR 1.602.2, Kelh Fuller CO R, Contractirw you are as the Primary Contracting Officer Representative (CORI for the of the followmg Regards, Mamta Date: Full Name: Emp. Sample Delegation Letters Are Added Here Code: Designation: Department: Re-Designation Letter Dear , We are pleased to communicate your new designation of “___” effective ____; attained on successful completion of your Training Programme. All the other terms and condition of your Appointment Letter will remain same. Sample Request Letter for Upgradation of Designation/ or for the Upgradation of Post. NPS Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental (OSHE) Director Operational Risk Management (ORM) Assistant - … SAMPLE DESIGNATION LETTER BLANK TO: [employees designated with COOP responsibilities] FROM: [Director of Program/Unit Administration] DATE: [Date] RE: Essential Employees for Continuity of Operations (COOP) Please be advised that the individuals listed above are designated as Before forwarding the letter it is wise to read it again to avoid any misunderstanding or problem. Manager – Sales & Marketing ‘ with immediate effect. If any employee wants to write to the administration in order to request for upgrading of current working position, following template may be used. Letter should be signed by the person who is delegating the powers and should be stamped. Appendix 1 Sample Format for Designation of Signature Authority Attachment_16_Designation_of_Signature_Authority_Letter_Example.pdf Last updated: … Designation change letter. A sample of letter of delegation is attached with this template for the convenience of the readers. Evaluator Designation Letter Date_____ _____[name of company] has designated [name of evaluator] to be the qualified “Evaluator” of powered industrial lift truck operators for their location at_____[address]. Enclosed is the Designation Notice related to your request for a Family and Medical Leave (FML) due to a disability resulting from your pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition, as well as parental leave to care for your newborn child. SAMPLE DESIGNATION LETTER MUST BE PREPARED ON COMPANY LETTERHEAD To: FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention 9 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201 From: _____ To view the Designation Letters, an active NPS User account is required. SAMPLE DESIGNATION LETTER (for T‐89) MUST BE SUBMITTED ON COMPANY LETTERHEAD To: FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention 9 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Hope this format helps you. Keeping in view the new roles & responsibilities assigned, you are being re-designated as ‘ Dy.